Planning a Hike on the Appalachian Trail in the Upper Valley?

This Fall season an interactive map will be available on our website, including trail access and parking information, contour lines or aerial view, distance information, and much more.

For now, you can find the AT on your DeLorme Atlas or any good VT road map. Buy a map or the GMC Long Trail Guide on-line from the GMC store.
The guidebook includes a chapter on the 45 miles of our stretch of the AT between Norwich and Killington.
Description: Going South to North, the AT turns east in Killington, heading to the Connecticut River at Norwich. It roughly parallels VT Route 4. You can find a List of Access Points including trail heads and parking along this stretch of the trail.

UVO Section Trail and Shelter Maintenance

Our Section maintains 46 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from Maine Junction at Willard Gap (Killington) to the Connecticut River in Norwich, Vt. This includes four shelters. We have divided the length of trail into three 15 mile stretches, overseen by three coordinators. Routine maintenance is done by adopters, responsible for two-mile average trail segments. In addition, we schedule hike/workdays when adopters, with the support of volunteers, do more extensive maintenance work like blazing, chain-sawing and waterbar maintenance.

On Saturday, 5/11/24, fourteen UVO section volunteers and two GMC staff members  showed up  for the Herculean task of relocating a section of our A.T.  Thanks to the hard work of so many people, we were able to complete the entire job, right down to the blazing of the new section.  It is now open for use.  I don’t think anyone, at least not those knowledgeable in such matters, expected us to complete the work in one day!

This was indeed a challenging project of trail BUILDING:  construction of a switchback to avoid what has become an unstable rock staircase.  Our trail stewardship duties call for trail MAINTENANCE, and that’s hard enough.

It was a satisfying and productive day and we learned some skills that will increase our confidence and sense of ownership of our section of the AT.

Photo: Lynn Fisher   Story: Bob Hagen

Trail Coordinators:

Ledyard Bridge to
Cloudland Road

Bob Hagen 802-785-4311

email Bob Hagen

Cloudland Road to
Chateauguay Rd/Halfway Saddle

Debbie Marcus  978-578-4198

email Debbie Marcus

Chateauguay Rd/Halfway Saddle to Maine Junction

Nick Krembs  902-649-1048

email Nick Krembs